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    I know a Calvinist friend that recently engaged me in “theological debates” or questions. We have thus far only covered the canon of the Bible and sola scriptura. While we move on to discuss justification, I think it would be helpful to recommend to him some resources on the writings of the early church fathers.

    I have Jurgen’s, Four Witnesses, and the Father’s know best myself, but is there a published collection of writings from non-Catholic authors (not that I think they are biased, but I want to avoid that altogether) that would be good to recommend. My friend apparently does not consider Catholics brothers and sisters in Christ (that was a painful one to learn), so anything that can avoid the label of Catholic bias would be nice.

    I apologize if I posted this is the incorrect forum (first post!).



    Jim Anderson
    @Jim Anderson

    It was recently pointed out to me that you posted a question on our forum, on June 10, asking about Non-catholic publishers of the early Church Fathers. I fear no one may have responded to you.

    I can think of two possible sources. Firstly, The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Edinburgh edition, which was published in the 19th century but is still in print. Currently published by Henrickson Publishers. It’s a good set of books but encyclopedic in side. It’s down side is that the English is a little old fashioned and the notes can, at times, be a bit anti-catholic.

    Secondly, Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, general editor Thomas C. Oden. This series is an attempt to pull together quotes from the early Church Fathers in the form of an annotated New Testament scripture commentary, going verse by verse. It’s a new publication and published by InterVarsity Press, an evangelical publishing house. Because of that, your friend should accept them a brothers & sisters in Christ. An added plus is that I’ve never seen any anti-catholic bias in the series. The negative aspect is that It’s a scripture commentary and doesn’t contain complete books of the fathers.

    Again, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Jim Anderson
    The Coming Home Network International



    I’d suggest just going to the texts rather than commentaries. That way there is no bias. I have a collection called “the complete ante-nicene & nicene and post-nicene fathers collection”. It is vast, but on kindle so doesn’t take up physical space. It has active table of contents so isn’t too bad to use. this is amazon uk but will give the details.

    A lot of the collecting/translating was done by Phillip Schaff, a well respected Reformed Protestant church historian, so should be acceptable to your friend.

    The only drawback is it doesn’t distinguish between genuine and pseudepigraphical texts, but its easy enough to check online.



    The other free source is the newadvent.org website which I believe differentiates between spurious writings and legitimate ones. That is where I first read the Fathers and became hugely convinced that the Church was exactly what she claimed to be!



    I forgot new advent, it is fantastic! Its easy to send pages to kindle if you don’t like reading on a computer screen.



    For convenience’s sake, here is the link to the writings of the Church Fathers on New Advent, which others have mentioned: http://newadvent.org/fathers/

    The text on New Advent is, to the best of my knowledge, that of The Complete Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, which cosbap has recommended.  (I have, like cosbap, a copy of this collection on my Kindle: although it is mammoth, the hyperlinks allow one to navigate it with relative ease.)

    If you want to read extracts rather than whole volumes, I can also recommend The Teachings of the Church Fathers (John R. Willis, SJ).  It is Catholic, naturally, but is useful for when one wants to get an overview of what various Fathers taught on a subject.




    Thank you so much everyone, this is really great!

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