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    As I type a new post or response, everything is fine until I try to move my cursor with my mouse to make a correction. At that point, the cursor will not reposition – when I click my mouse in the middle of a sentence, nothing happens – the cursor remains where it is. Then, all of a sudden, the mouse pointer will change to the cursor shape, and at that point I can click in a sentence just fine… until I move my mouse again, and then the same difficulty occurs again.

    Does anyone else experience this? I expect it is related to my browser and/or plugins. I’m currently using Opera, but I also tried Firefox, Torch, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Opera was the browser that seemed to have the least issues (Firefox wouldn’t even let me click links on this site!). I’m hoping someone knows the cause – I’d really prefer to use Firefox!



    David W. Emery
    @David W. Emery

    With the forum’s new theme, we have noticed that if your mouse is close to the top or bottom of the window or your text cursor is close to the top or bottom of the text input window, it will not allow you to click or edit. If you move the part you want to address closer to the middle of the window, you should have no difficulty accessing it. This is a fault of the forum software, not anything on your own computer. If we find a solution to it, we’ll be sure to implement it, because a number of members are frustrated by it.




    Okay, thanks David!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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