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    Some reading I’ve been doing has made me wonder if Jesus, seated at the right hand of His father, retains anything of his humanity – or is He pure God now? I feel like this might be a complex question lol!


    David W. Emery
    @David W. Emery

    Jesus is the same person — both God and man in hypostatic union — in heaven as he was on earth. Recall that he did not lose his humanity on earth, either when he died or when he rose from the dead with his glorified body. Likewise, he did not lose his humanity by his return to heaven, which was, as it were, simply a change of location.

    It is also true that the Eucharist, is an extension of Jesus’ incarnation — his personal entry into his own creation. As you are aware, the Eucharist is not purely spiritual, but is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ — once again, fully human as well as fully divine. This being the case, it is reasonable that he retains his full humanity in heaven so as to bestow it upon the bread and wine on the altar.




    As today was the solemnity of the Ascension, I was encouraged to hear that it is significant because by it, humanity entered heaven. I had never even considered that before.

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