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    I puzzled over where to post about topics like evangelization, forming intentional disciples, and RCIA. I didn’t find a place where it fit except for this “catch-all” forum called Other Topics.

    In the Diocese of Winona people are forming a couple of new teams of evangelizers connected with St. Paul Street Evangelization.

    Catholics are evangelizing which brings up the concern of what do we do with them when they express an interest in coming back to the church.

    I feel there is a need for multiple entry points and re-entry points. We’re going to have people coming to our parishes from all different levels of 1) Christian background knowledge or lack there of 2) Cultural backgrounds 3) Knowledge of Catholic “things” 4) History with the Church 5) etc.

    I for one do not believe we can rely on entry points where one-size-fits all. I’d hate to be a former Protestant pastor coming into the church and be thrown in the same RCIA class as a group of Muslims who are converting and who know little to nothing about Christianity. That’s an extreme example but you get my drift.

    How do you all feel about this?

    “Hey Father, come over here. I wanna get’cha in on a deal ya can’t refuse. Have a look at what I got here in the boot of me car.”


    “Yo, Father, ya wanna bless this mess?”



    I agree that there are many levels of entry point into the Church as your example of the former Pastor vs the Muslim convert suggests.  I know some larger parishes will cater to that by splitting their candidates from their catechumens, but it is very dependent upon available manpower. I think that is the greatest factor in all of this. Perhaps we converts need to step up to the plate and offer to take the candidates so that others can concentrate on the catechumens.


    Howard Hampson
    @Howard the Pilgrim

    I was a highly knowledgeable lay preacher and Bible teacher who came into the Church via the one-size fits RCIA and I loved having the opportunity to help my fellow less advanced and knowledgeable pilgrims learn what the Catholic Faith has to offer on a spiritual and practical every day level.  It was exhilarating!  It all depends on one’s attitude and point of view.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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