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    David W. Emery
    @David W. Emery

    We have right now a good number of new Catholics in the CHNI Community, and some have already described their experience of entering into full communion with the Catholic Church.

    Today I ran across an article which lists a fair number of world-famous personalities of the 20th century who also became Catholic. I suspect that we all are familiar with some of these names, maybe even most of them. But how many of them did we know had actually become Catholic? Link.




    I did not know Dave Brubeck was catholic!

    Blair is perhaps not one to draw attention to…



    I didn’t know Pat Boone’s daughter converted, nor did I know about Tim Conway either. He is one of my favourite comedians. Lol.



    Second only to Flannery O’Connor, Walker Percy is a great American Fiction writer who happens to be Catholic. I knew Percy was Catholic. I hadn’t remembered that he was a convert.


    Howard Hampson
    @Howard the Pilgrim

    Buffalo Bill Cody converted to the Catholic Church on his deathbed in 1917.

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