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    Position: Live-in, full-time house manager (steward) providing companionship and guidance to two mildly to moderately mentally retarded adults.

    Requirements: Patience, acceptance of people with different ability levels; one year commitment.

    Benefits: Weekly salary of $250 .00, two days off per week on a rotating basis, four weeks scheduled vacation , 2 weeks off at Christmas, 1 week off at Thanksgiving, and 1 week off at Easter, room and board, health insurance, work-related transportation, and a $1,200.00 bonus for completing one full year of service. Married persons may apply; spouse may hold another job. ·

    Brief Overview: Share Foundation With The Handicapped is an organization that exists to assist mentally retarded/other-abled people and their families in many different areas. Currently, we are developing a peaceful, rural and Christian community for the mentally retarded on 185 acres of land named Sharing Meadows. On this land, we have built twelve homes, or four villages, with one more village planned. Each three-bedroom home is occupied by two mild to moderate mentally retarded/other-abled adults and one full-time live-in steward. Although they can provide for most of their self-care, minimal supervision and teaching is necessary to further foster each resident’s independence . Our focus is on encouraging them to be all that they can truly be physically, psychologically, and spiritually .

    – Live in a rural setting. We have 185 acres of land halfway between South Bend and Michigan City, adjacent to the Toll Road . The land offers a rural setting with a lake and woods with fruit and nut trees, plants and small gardens.

    – Receive minimal supervision . The residents who live at Sharing Meadows must be able to provide their own hygiene and essential dai ly l iving needs with mi nimal supervision .

    – Be willing to share and live peacefully with others. We are a community which has three homes per vi llage. Each home has one house parent and two residents, all of whom have their own rooms. Being someone who is open and friendly to others is important in this fami ly-l i ke setting.

    – Work with others to improve grounds. The residents work on the land, helping them to develop a sense of pride i n thei r community. They maintai n a 9:00 A M -3:30 PM work day on the land. Various work can include: harvesti ng fruits and nuts, watering, mulching , planti ng flowers and gardens, mowi ng grass, weeding, etc. Minimal supervision and instruction is provided.

    – Work with other to create products. Their work days will also be spent working in craft rooms creating various wood, ceramic, sewing and cooking products. These prod ucts will be sold to earn money for various activities for those who live there. Hands-on supervision and i nstruction is provided.

    – Be open to a Christian environmen t. Share Foundation solely exists to meet the needs of God ‘s people. We encourage ind ividual persona l relationships with God and also maintain a prayerful home and com munity environment with meal prayers, work prayers, specia l prayer services, etc. A l l residents are respected for their rel igious preferences and need to be capable of respecting someone else’s and/or the Foundation’s rel igious preferences.

    – Learn new skills as well as use the ones they already possess. Sharing Meadows offers ind ivid ual and group programming to help the residents learn every-day living skills to foster their independence, while they are encouraged to use the skills they already possess .


    A. Education – High school diploma or equivalent; college degree preferred.

    B. Experience – in caring for others. Experience with developmentally disabled preferred.

    C. Personal Qua l ifications

    I . Emotional maturity
    2. Objectivity
    3. Flexibility
    4. Capable of hand ling responsibi l ity 5. Demonstrates acceptable judgment 6. Good communication skills

    7. Good teach ing skills
    8. Patience with others
    9. Able to work i ndependently

    10. Able to work well with others


    A. Supervision – the Steward is responsibl e to work cooperatively with the Director of Programming, Residential Coordinator, Work Coordinator and Executive Director. This is to develop and i mplement the villagers programmi ng and to faci l itate the operation of Sharing Meadows. This ind ividual should follow up directly with the Director of Programming on any program or personnel issue within the home/community.

    B. Overview – The Steward is responsi ble to provide services directly to the villagers, including: teaching the necessary skills and assisting to maintain a clean, safe living environ ment, meal preparation and personal hygiene/grooming. The Steward is responsible for supervising, training and assisti ng vi llagers in every aspect of their lives, with the goal of fostering more independence and happiness in their lives.

    C. Approach Towards Villagers
    I . Relate to villagers with an attitude of equality and respect.

    2. Respect villagers’ persona l rights; encouraging and teach ing them to recognize and request them.
    3. Enhance villagers’ self-esteem at all available opportunities.
    4. Maintain positive Christian interactions with the villagers.

    5. Treat villagers in an age-appropriate manner, with d ignity and respect.
    6. Provide positive programming by using methods that meet each villager’s individual needs and encourage success.
    7. Demonstrate positive behavior and reinforce positive behaviors in others.

    D. Job Duties With Villagers
    1 . Provide opportunities for vi llagers to make informed choices.

    2. Encourage appropriate social ization between vi llagers and others.
    3. Assist villagers in planning social activities withi n and outside of the village.
    4. Work cooperatively with the villagers families.
    5. Supervise, trai n and assist villagers i n correctly taking any necessary medications. 6. Supervise, trai n and assist villagers during all work activities.



    7. Supervise, tra i n and assist villagers to make appropriate choices with their spending money.
    8. Supervise, train and assist vi llagers in grocery and other shoppi ng within the budgeted
    9. Supervise, train and assist villagers in week ly mea l planning and mak ing appropriate food choices. I 0. Supervise, train and assist vil lagers in safely and correctly prepari ng meals. 1 1. Supervise

    train and assist villagers in correctly completing their laundry.
    12. Assure that vi l lagers’ hygiene needs are met and that acceptable standards are ma intained.
    13. Transport villagers when needed.
    I 4. Follow individual programs as written by the Director of Programming.
    I 5. Be alert to villagers ‘ behavior changes and notify the Director of Programmi ng. I 6. Be alert to vil lagers’ physical changes and notify the Residentia l Coordinator.
    17. Notify Director of Programming of problem s/concern s related to the vil lagers.

    E. Homes/Property
    I . Maintain a living envi ronment that promotes trust, maximum growth and independence.

    2. Provide a homel ike atmosphere within the home and comm unity .
    3. Assure the home is clean at all times by supervisi ng the cleaning, traini ng villagers or assisting vil lagers.
    4. Ma intain household budget of the home withi n the allotted amount.
    5. Maintain and enhance the outside grounds at Sharing Meadows on a continual basis.
    6. Assist i n implementation of schedules related to the upkeep of the home/comm unity.
    7. Notify Di rector of Programming or Maintenance Manager of any ma i ntenance concerns.

    F. Organization
    I . Demonstrate cooperation between other stewards to faci l itate operation of the village and Sharing

    Meadows as well as to model co-operative behavior for villagers.
    2. Promote positive teamwork with other stewards and the organization. Identifying problem areas and assisting to develop sol utions before they become detrimenta l.
    3. Act as a positive role model for vi l lagers, co-workers and the comm unity.
    4. Demonstrate and encourage villagers to demonstrate appropriate public behavior as a representative of Share Foundation.
    5. Follow the Share Foundation pol icies, procedures , philosophy and mission.
    6. Complete all requested paperwork correctly and i n a timely fashion.
    7. Attend all requi red training.


    Share Foundation With the Handicapped

    P.0.Box 400,

    Rolling Prairie,IN 46371-0400

    Phone (219) 778-2585
    Fax (219) 778-2582
    E-Mail [email protected]

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