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    I think this is a pretty common phenomena, but I still wonder about it.  And when I say wonder I really just mean I find it interesting.  I have a miraculous medal that I wear along with a crucifix that I received upon entering the Church last year during the Easter vigil mass.  I wear them all the time and hate to even take them off.  I only take them off to shower or on occasion I will keep them in my pocket if I wear other jewelry.  I think I have this need to wear them all the time because they remind me of Jesus and Mary, make me feel closer to them I guess.  Another lady at church said something similar, that she never takes her medal and crucifix off.  I don’t want to be superstitious about wearing them, but they really are like portraits of a loved one that I just want to have on me at all times.  The other day I did take them off and was kind of depressed.  I’m not sure that was anything more than me being hormonal to be honest.  But I did notice that when I put them back on later, I felt better.  Would that be because the medal was blessed and actually has some kind of spiritual benefit for lack of a better word.  I don’t know.  I just find it interesting.  I don’t remember ever having such a sentimental feeling for an object.  I know they are considered sacramentals so I get that there is a correlation there, but I wondered if anyone had any further insight on the wearing of medals and such in terms of how they effect the wearer.


    David W. Emery
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    So far, there’s not enough evidence to pinpoint the source of your mood change, Jenniet. If it happened invariably over a period of time, we would have a pattern to work with, and if you were experiencing something more spiritual than a simple mood change, it could indicate something beyond the psychological.

    At this point, then, I would prefer to suppose that you have developed an emotional attachment to those items and hate to part with them, even temporarily. It is understandable that you would have developed an affection for symbols of your faith, especially items that have been blessed. But if, over time, it turns out to be just this pair of objects, that could be an unhealthy clinging.

    You can keep an eye on what you experience, then, to see if it happens regularly, and if there is anything more to it than a mood change. Such evidence could indicate whether the phenomenon has any significance at all, and if it is significant, whether it is a positive or negative psychological or spiritual influence.




    where a st. Jude’s medal at all times, and the Brown scapular except when showering. I have forgotten to put on my scapular a couple of times and through the day I just could not forget about it feeling very disconcerted the entire time until I could put it back on. I also wondered if I was being superstitious so I prayed about it and listened to EWTN about sacramentals. I forgot the show but the speaker DID say that God can impart grace through particular sacramentals. And that described the feelings I had, to a degree…

    First I felt guilt at leaving my scapular behind. Then I felt a slight separation from Mary. She reminded often of my forgetfulness those couple times, just as she reminds me often of her presence through the feel of my scapular at times. Be it to be awoke from my sleep or during times at work or while working out.

    I have become so enthralled with Mary that I can hardly bare to disappoint her anymore than I do already. So now she has helped me to remember after praying to her about it, it would seem. I have never forgotten it since my sincere heartfelt prayer for her aid in this matter.

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