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    Hi everyone – Ive been slowly working through reading about and by some of the mystics and saints….Saint Faustinas Diary….the writings of Julian of Norwich….Josepha Menendez’s writing…..a book about Saint Catherine of Sienna….and The Story of a Soul (the little flower/Saint Therese)

    I know this sounds like a lot – but Im doing it slowly, maybe a passage a day….

    One of the things that has struck me is how, to one extent or another, so much of the focus is the same (with perhaps different emphases but very similar)…so the themes Im noting…..God IS Mercy and He wants us to TRUST Him….God rewards effort even more than success…..there is a purpose for suffering – some which we can easily see and some which we have to trust God about…..

    Another theme – many of these amazing ladies questioned God on salvation, hell, sin, and how on earth can He allow anyone to not be with Him at the end of time….and the answer – “Trust in Me”….no great explanation – just “Trust in my mercy and goodness”…”some things will be revealed in Heaven”……

    Another theme – He has shown these mystics His own suffering and let them experience some of it – even visually

    And charity and kindness to others – we must love others

    Everything I’m saying – of course – is simply Catholic teaching…..but its been very good for me to see themes that emerge and teaching that stays the same, regardless of the century it is in…

    I’m really enjoying “the little flower” at the moment! 🙂


    Howard Hampson
    @Howard the Pilgrim

    You are doing some good reading and good pondering, Zaida!

    And they are probably the same because of who they are communing with, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I don’t think it is possible to go deep with God without questioning Him and plumbing His depths.  Not that they will ever discover everything about Him because He is infinite and they are finite.



    Trust in Me. Trust in My mercy. Yes, I have noticed that constant theme running among the saints as well, Zaida. In fact I read something the other day, and I wish I could remember who said it! It was along the lines of God being more upset by people not trusting in His mercy and love than He is upset by their sin. Boy, did that ever put things into perspective for me. In not trusting Him and His mercy which proceeds from His love, we, in affect, call God a liar!  I need to resolve every morning to say, “I trust You today. I trust that what comes, comes from Your hand because I need it now, whether good things or things which I perceive as bad. I trust in Your timing. I trust in Your no and in Your yes for today. I will not worry about the past, or about tomorrow, but just trust for today.”  Why is that so wretchedly difficult to do?  Pride!  My pride always tells me that I know better. I know what I need. I know when I need it. I might as well be saying, “I want all the candy in the cupboard right now, because I need it right now, because somebody else might get it first. Mom? Mom?  MOM, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?”   Seriously. Sometimes I am such a bratty kid. 😛



    Jennie – I totally “get that” – being like a kid, thinking we know best lol! Always something I need to work on….

    Howard – yes  – He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow – and certainly these writings from the mystics and saints confirm that….

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