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    I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum. If it is, kindly guide me to the right place and I’ll repost.

    If a Protestant pastor feels called to ministry and gifted in preaching, the impression that I’m getting is that he is out of luck if he converts to Catholicism. I’ve read some stories concerning how Protestant pastors were led to converting, but nothing has addressed the logistical side of “what next?”. Are there any former Protestant pastors here that can talk to me about that? By the way, I’m a Protestant pastor.



    Welcome StillSearching.  There are several former Protestant ministers on this forum.  there is also a group in this forum called Non-Catholic Christian Clergy & Ministers.  That might be an avenue of support for you.  I will be in prayer for you as I am sure this is an issue for many in your position.


    Secret Garden

    Ken Henslee was just giving his testimony on the Journey Home program about what he face when he left his baptist pastorate. Definatley worth going to EWTN and finding todays episode as it will help you.



    This was and is the most heartbreaking consequence of conversion. Preaching is my heart and I sacrificed that for the Eucharist. God knows it hurts, and I have to believe that if He put the desire there that one day He will fulfill the desire. Until then I do my best to find ways to teach and evangelize. Some days it is really hard, and I realize how simple it would be to “revert” and find a congregation. Wow, a former Catholic!  They’d probably throw a parade. But I could never leave the sacraments. I can’t. They have changed my entire life. No way i am going back.

    As for “now what?” it will depend on what paper you have and what you are willing to do. Parishes need Directors of Faith Formation, Education, Teachers, School Administrators, etc. They dont pay anything near what you may have gotten in the Protestant world, but the need is great. I would gladly teach if I could afford it. I converted before completing my MDiv so I cant teach in a university, and many dioceses require a masters just to be considered for a $35k job. I’m serious. It was a tough pill to swallow, but it is par for the course from what I can see at places like Catholicjobs.com.  I am trying to be faithful and fruitful Catholic too, so 35k is tough on a family of 8. That’s why I had to get a secular gig. My primary vocation is my family, not my desire to preach. If you have advanced degrees there are good opportunities.

    Here is the good news though. For all my sacrificed passions, friends, and pride, I have received a gift more precious. The Eucharist is so worth it. So worth it. If I never get a ministry job again, it is worth it.

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